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Types of Braces

Bad bites. Crowded, broken or crooked teeth. Don’t let them ruin your smile! If your child is ready for a healthy smile that transforms their appearance and improves their life, then BRACE THEM FOR A CHANGE!

Visit us at Pacific Dental Care where we offer quality, specialized children’s orthodontics in a friendly, fun and positive environment.

Orthodontic Braces are a device used in orthodontics to align a person’s teeth and their position with regard to their bite. There are different types of braces such as traditional metal, ceramic or invisible braces available for every taste and budget. Braces work by applying steady pressure on your teeth in a specific direction for an amount of time determined by our dentist.

Every month or two the patient should visit out orthodontist to have the braces re-adjusted. Once the teeth are completely straightened the patient may have to wear retainers to avoid the teeth going to their original position. The treatment is highly effective, affordable and with great results!

Metal Braces

Metal braces represent the most common and most affordable orthodontic treatment. They are comprised of high-grade stainless steel, lighter, smaller and more effective/powerful than past iterations. These braces flat out straighten more efficiently and comfortably than ever. Tiny metal brackets are bonded to the front of each of your front teeth using special dental cement. Brackets are connected by wire, and this wire is connected to brackets with elastic rings (which come come in a variety colors). After placement, patients return to the office periodically for check-up and tightening from time to time.

There will be a few eating and drinking restrictions to ensure teeth aren’t damaged during treatment. Avoid sticky foods or foods that are hard to chew or require extensive force to consume. Some examples are. By avoiding these foods you can eliminate potential complications and interference with your custom-tailored orthodontic program.

Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces at Pacific Dental Care offer a high versatility along with comfort and a discrete look. Just like their metal counterparts, ceramic braces incorporate brackets bonded to teeth. The difference with ceramic braces is that these brackets are ceramic. The benefit is ceramic is that it can be tooth-colored or transparent. Some innovative types of ceramic braces feature self-ligating brackets, which allows the archwire free agency to reduce treatment time and deliver enhanced comfort.

Ceramic braces are essentially the put on and maintained the same as with metal braces. We’ll examine bite irregularities beforehand, outline goals, give any necessary X-rays, take photos, and capture bite impressions — all used to gauge proper treatment for effective ends. Brackets are bonded to teeth, archwires put through them, and our orthodontist tightens those wires at regular intervals during treatment. Ceramic is an ideal material used in orthodontic treatment due to its durability, smooth texture, and enhanced aesthetic properties. The one drawback is that ceramic is not as strong as metal, but it can easily withstand normal usage required for braces. If you’re concerned about abrasion, ceramic braces are the choice for you.


Over time, your teeth shift into directions that you can’t really account for or avoid without proper orthodontics in place. Invisalign with Pacific Dental Care is the perfect opportunity for the patient who wants their orthodontics to be discrete. This treatment features a series of clear, calculated, BPA-free plastic aligners designed for wearing 20–22 hours daily (removed only for meals, oral health practices, or drinking hot beverages (like coffee or tea). Invisalign invisible braces correct a wide variety of problems, including bite misalignment (overbites), crowding, and gaps between teeth.

Invisalign poses countless benefits to our patients. Patients of all ages can benefit from the treatments many benefits, including discretion and more freedom than traditional braces. Patients can eat without worrying about any inconvenient food restrictions that braces normally come attached with. We can still treat a wide range of oral health issues. You get to brush and floss your teeth normally with no hoops to jump through. You also won’t have to worry about coming into the office as much or have to experience any of the abrasion or irritation associated with traditional metal or ceramic braces.


FASTBRACES® Technologies, a true American original now in almost 50 countries, is celebrating its quarter of a century anniversary of helping dentists and orthodontists straighten teeth. Teeth are crooked because they didn’t erupt properly and came in tilted, sideways, overlapping or spaced apart and, as a result, they are not upright.

Straighten your Teeth in MONTHS….Not Years!

FASTBRACES® Technologies high performance bracket systems upright the roots of the teeth from the beginning of treatment with just one square wire by torquing and tipping them from the very first appointment. Treatment time for comprehensive orthodontic therapy should take more than 120 days with the FASTBRACES® CLASSIC™ SERIES™ and could take less than 120 days for non-deep bite cases with the FASTBRACES® TURBO™ SERIES™, depending on the patient cooperation and clinical experience of the treating dentist.

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How do I care for my braces and teeth?

While having an orthodontic treatment, it is really important to visit your orthodontist on a regular basis to have your teeth checked. Below you will find few things to take into consideration regarding oral hygiene:

Brush your teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste and, preferably, use a mouthwash. Ask your orthodontist to recommend the fluoride toothpaste for you to use.

Clean your teeth carefully when brushing. Avoid hard brushing because appliances are delicate and may break if you are too rough. Your orthodontist will show you the cleaning techniques appropriate for the appliance you are wearing.

Reduce your intake of sugary foods and drinks. Try to avoid snacks containing sugars and hard foods that may damage your orthodontic appliances.

How will orthodontics help my child?

Early treatment may prevent more oral health problems down the road. It is shorter and less complicated than treatments undertaken later.

Also, early treatment will give our orthodontist the opportunity to:

Reduce the accumulation of bacterial plaque

Reduce the risk of tooth decay

Correct wrong oral habits

Guide jaw growth

Lower the risk of trauma to protruding front teeth

Improve tooth alignment

Improve the way lips meet

Improve appearance and self-esteem

With a good oral hygiene routine, and a little help from your orthodontics treatment, your child can have a beautiful and healthy smile.

We are aware that starting an orthodontic treatment can be a stressful time for
both children and parents. That is why our orthodontist servicing the Glendale, Pasadena and
Burbank areas, will ensure that your orthodontic treatment is a fun
and gratifying experience, whatever your age.


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