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How can porcelain veneers make a difference to your smile? Dr. Marine’s patients are pleased to show off just how much an improvement they have seen through our veneers before and after gallery. Schedule an appointment with our team today to realize your dream smile with veneers.

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no-prep veneers

No-prep veneers are a fantastic way to dramatically change your smile, whiten your teeth, and even correct minor bite misalignments — all without resorting to traditional braces.

Tom Cruise, Ben Affleck, Julia Roberts, Angelina Jolie — they all have porcelain veneers. Surprised? Don’t be. We’re experts, and we can barely tell.

If that’s you standing in front of the mirror, noticing those little imperfections in your smile, there’s a faster, easier way than getting metal or ceramic braces. No-prep veneers also come with the added benefit of needing little to no preparation. No drill, or painful adjustments every few weeks; no diet changes; you get to keep your life.

So what is the whole no-prep approach? It has to do with the fact that your dentist typically foregoes grinding, drilling, cutting or filing down tooth structure in order to utilize proper veneer placement. In certain cases, we may need to reduce a small amount of the tooth surface to achieve desirable results, but the point of no-prep means that very little preparation or modifications are done to the original teeth.

Cosmetic Dentistry
Cosmetic Dentistry

Benefits of No-Prep Veneers

No-prep veneers by Pacific Dental Care give your smile lasting improvements like:

  • Diastema closures (spaces between teeth)
  • Treating worn teeth
  • Treating mishappen, fanged teeth
  • Augmenting small teeth
  • Permanent bleaching

You get to eat whatever you want and drink whatever you want after you get your veneers, but generally, we like to use no-prep veneers as a way to drive a new life of great oral health in our patients.

No-prep veneers are generally more conservative than traditional porcelain veneers, which means you end up saving more or all of your original tooth structure.

You’ll walk out of our office with temporary veneers while we have custom veneers made by a ceramist in the lab. You’ll come back in a week or two and we’ll permanently place your brand new veneers for a lasting Hollywood-grade smile.

Pacific Dental Care’s Personalized Approach

We take the patient’s unique features and facial contours into consideration in addition to skin tone, tooth shape, and gum line. We make sure our no-prep veneers fit comfortably, properly, and that we maintain optimal occlusion. The end goal is to always achieve natural results that both we and the patient are ecstatic with.

No-prep Veneer Cost

During your initial consultation we’ll go over everything you need to know. No two individuals are the same, so no two treatments are the same. Our patients get a customized treatment plan that suits their needs, and we always keep complete transparency. To discuss no-prep veneer price, give us a call.

That Perfect Smile, it’s Closer than You Think

Whether you need a new or existing patient appointment, or a free cosmetic consultation, give Pacific Dental Care a call at (818) 396-7777 to schedule your visit with us. We’re anxious to show you what a fully-functional smile lab has to offer.

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