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Implant dentistry is an exciting and wonderful way to restore a smile, replace missing teeth or secure loose dentures. Implants can truly change your life for the better. Our dentist and staff in Glendale have the experience and training to make implants work for you. A dental implant is a metal post (titanium) that replaces the root of the natural tooth. After an implant is placed into the underlying bone, an artificial tooth is attached to it, enabling normal function.

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A dental implant is the best solution for a missing tooth (or teeth). Dentists all over the world recommend this procedure to patients because it is simple, virtually painless, and efficient. The main advantage of dental implants is being able to perfectly replace lost teeth. The patient won’t notice the difference between his natural teeth and the implant. It avoids having to wear prosthesis, and with proper care it will last forever.

Dental Implants are fabricated roots that are placed in the jawbone. The procedure doesn’t hurt, however the patient may experience discomfort in the following days. The pain can be managed with common analgesics. Dental implants can enhance your self-esteem by providing a healthy and brighter smile that leaves you with an improved self-confidence.

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