Bad breath is no modern dilemma. However, many individuals who suffer from halitosis
are unaware of it and therefore leave it untreated until someone has the courage
to tell them about it. If this is your case, you don’t need to bare the embarrassment
anymore. Our caring dental staff will find the cause of your bad
 in order to develop the best and fastest treatment and cure
it for good!

Commonly, halitosis persists regardless of the use of constant masking substances
such as, mouthwashes, flavoring agents, chewing gum, masking spays and mints.

The expertise of our dentists near Burbank will enable us to administer a successful
fresh breath treatment based on the specific reasons that are causing your bad breath condition.

A proper diagnosis is made after oral examinations
are performed and the patient’s oral history is clearly addressed. If there is a
negative medical history, then we can begin treating your halitosis. Depending on
your particular case, our dentists near Burbank will treat your bad breath by:

  1. Improving your oral hygiene techniques.
  2. Curing and controlling for
    periodontal diseases
  3. Performing all necessary restorative care.
  4. Recommending a diet to increase salivary flow.
  5. Providing special home care instructions for patients wearing
  6. Recommending Breathasure which successfully controls the bad odors caused
    by eating spicy foods (containing onion and garlic).
  7. Giving special oral hygiene instructions to patients wearing removable

Bad breath is a real and common problem that affects 25 million of Americans. Stop
covering your mouth when speaking and get rid of the embarrassment that causes
bad breath
. You don’t need to spend money every week and become a slave
of mouthwashes and deodorizing sprays. These will only mask your bad breath temporarily
and may have adverse side effects. Get a real, safe and permanent solution for
your halitosis now!