Caring for Braces While at School

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Caring for Braces While at School

You’re excited to have your braces, but you’re a little worried about taking care of them, especially when you’re at school. Once you know a few guidelines for caring for your braces while at school, having braces will feel much less overwhelming.

Avoid Foods That are Known to Cause Issues with Braces

There are some foods that you should avoid when you have braces.

Chewy foods, like caramel, gum, taffy, fruit snacks, gummy candy, and some types of breads, require you to move your mouth a lot to chew them. 

All of this movement makes it more likely that you’ll loosen your wires or damage a bracket. 

Excessively hard foods, like popcorn, nuts, ice, and some types of chips, are also more likely to damage your wires or brackets.

Plan ahead to ensure your school meals and snacks contain foods that won’t damage your braces. Some school-friendly options include:

  • Cheese
  • Pasta
  • Pudding
  • Cut up fruits and vegetables
  • Applesauce
  • Jello
  • Sandwiches 
  • Pancakes
  • Muffins
  • Soup

Bring a Brushing Kit to School

When you have braces, it’s important to brush after every meal or snack. Your braces’ wires and brackets can trap food and cause plaque to form. 

Having a brushing kit specifically for school ensures you have the items you need to care for your teeth. A few items to include in your brushing kit are:

  • A travel toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Braces-friendly flossers
  • Wax
  • Extra rubber bands

Let your teachers know that you need to spend a few minutes cleaning your teeth after lunch or snack time.

Bring a Mouthguard

It’s possible to play most games and sports when you have braces, but you do need to protect your mouth.

Wear a mouthguard when participating in any activity where a ball can hit you in the mouth (like baseball, softball, dodgeball, volleyball or tennis) or when playing a sport with the possibility of person-to-person contact (such as football, soccer, and hockey). 

An orthodontic mouthguard is your best option for protecting your teeth and your braces. Orthodontic mouthguards are designed to change shapes so that they can flex and mold to your wires and brackets. 

A broken bracket or wire isn’t extremely dangerous, but they can potentially cut your mouth.

You’ll also have to make an extra trip to the orthodontist to repair your damaged braces. 

If you frequently break your brackets or wires, your braces can’t do their job. This means that you could potentially have to wear your braces for a longer period. With a little preparation, it’s easy to take care of your teeth and braces when you’re at school.

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