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Enhance Your Smile

A whiter and brighter smile can be the answer to feeling great about yourself. We offer the latest technologies in our Glendale dentistry for teeth whitening to give you the best dental smile results.

Zoom 2 Whitening

Zoom 2 Whitening is a system created to give you a sparkling new smile design in just 1 hour.

If you want to have a brighter, whiter and more radiant smile don’t waste your money with cheap whitening methods. Zoom Whitening performed by a professional, experienced, affordable dentist is the best technique!!

Zoom whitens your teeth in less than an hour. If you smoke, drink wine, coffee, tea or cola chances are your teeth are going to develop a brownish or yellowish tint. Our cosmetic dentist serves the Glendale, Burbank, and Pasadena areas with Zoom whitening services.

The Zoom Whitening procedure provides an average improvement up to eight or ten shades. The method, which is performed by a professional dentist, is long lasting, painless, and safe. This 45-minutes procedure uses hydrogen peroxide gel and an ultraviolet lamp. You can relax while Zoom makes your smile radiant and makes you look and feel younger.

Custom Made Take Home Dental Whitening System

We also offer custom made take home dental whitening system for maintenance as needed. Professional-strength tooth whitening procedures are more powerful than over-the-counter products. Join the millions of people who now enjoy sparkling white smiles!

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