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soft tissue dental laser

Lasers are special tools that use intense, highly focused beams of light energy. The light energy can be used to sculpt, reshape or remove tissue. They have been used in various dental applications for more than 20 years and have been found both safe and effective in many procedures. Dr. Martirosyan might use a soft tissue dental laser as an individual treatment or together with laser gum surgery, other treatments or procedures to improve your smile.

Dr. Martirosyan may use a soft tissue dental laser to:

  • Expose impacted wisdom teeth
  • Reduce the pain of canker sores or cold sores
  • Treat and remove infected tissues during root canal procedures
  • Sculpt bulky gum tissue
  • Perform a biopsy
  • Treat gum disease
  • Perform crown lengthening procedures by reshaping gum and bone tissue
  • Enhance teeth whitening

The benefits of laser dentistry are extensive. When Dr. Martirosyan uses a dental laser, she can provide you with a more comfortable, relaxed experience. The soft tissue dental laser quickly and efficiently reshapes the tissue, so there is less need for anesthesia and often no need for drilling. Healing times tend to be fast and free of complications because the laser seals the tissues as it passes through them. The light energy also destroys oral bacteria, which can reduce the risk of later infection and improve the health of diseased gum tissues. Procedures tend to be more precise, and there is less likelihood of bleeding during or after the surgery.

Dr. Martirosyan is extensively trained in the use of dental lasers and can use them to perform a variety of procedures. At your appointment, we will explain your options and our treatment recommendations. If you are a candidate for a soft tissue dental laser, we will use special lenses to protect your eyes during the procedure. Once your treatment is finished, we will explain the appropriate aftercare instructions.

Dental lasers are extremely effective for many applications, but they are not appropriate for every patient or every dental need. Call us to learn more about your treatment options or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Martirosyan, our Glendale dentist.

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