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A Comfortable Environment

People are afraid of going to the dentist due to very bad experiences in the past or the reputation it has of being anything but pleasurable. At Pacific Dental Care in Glendale we don’t want your fears to keep you from taking care of your dental health. That’s why our dentist provides a comfortable and relaxing office located in Glendale, CA, soothing music, a caring staff, and NOW we are introducing Laughing Gas, a fantastic way to minimize your dental phobia!

Dentists regularly listen “Don’t take this personally, but I don’t want to be here.” Or, “I’d rather give birth than go to the dentist.” Dental visits are fear producing for some people and lead to an awkward nerve-wracking situations. The great news is that we have the “cure.” It’s been applied safely for over 100 years and goes by Tranquilizing Air. The bottom line is that this pleasing smelling blend of Laughing Gas and oxygen decreases anxiety, minimizes an overactive gag reflex, increases your pain threshold and assists make your dental visit enjoyable and cozy with its calming effect.

How can Laughing Gas help you?

Laughing Gas is a technique used by dentists to relieve pain and dental anxiety, making the patient feel more comfortable and relaxed while a dental treatment is executed

Laughing Gas is non-addictive, predictable, and trustworthy and is, perhaps, the most secure sedative in dentistry. During the treatment, you remain fully conscious and have all your natural reflexes. Both adults and children can use it.

As a matter of fact, 85% off all pediatric dentists use “laughing gas” with their patients. You promptly recover in about 5 minutes after the Laughing Gas is turned off, and you are switched to pure oxygen to breathe. It is safe to drive and go back to your normal activities after the visit.

The Laughing Gas is administered through a “mask” or nosepiece that suits snugly over your nose. The amount you get can be individually adjusted to fulfill your personal needs. A euphoric effect is produced that may be followed by a tingling in the hands and feet. Some report feeling dizzy – thus the name laughing gas. The most common response we hear is “I’m aware of what is happening, but it doesn’t bother me.”

Contraindications to the use of Laughing Gas are pregnancy, if you are uneasy with something around your nose or if your have a respiratory condition that makes breathing through the nose hard. It is suggested to abstain from eating for about 2 hours before treatment. Laughing Gas is great for patients with a history of heart problems because it decreases tension and gives 2-3 times more oxygen than breathing normal air.

The benefits of Laughing Gas:

  • Great for fearful patients and children
  • Keeps you relaxed and reduces discomfort
  • The patient remains conscious
  • There are limited or no side effects
  • The dentist has control over how much is given
  • Leaves your body within minutes

Laughing Gas does not desensitize teeth, so most patients use it in combination with a local dental anesthetic. However, after being put on Laughing Gas for several minutes, many patients report, “I hardly felt the injection.”

At Pacific Dental Care located in Glendale, CA we’re here to help you, no matter how afraid you are!

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