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Digital Impressions, Better Orthodontic Treatment Experience

With the advantages available from the iTero scanner technology, Invisalign treatment is simply a better experience for patients.

This technology is available at the Glendale office of Pacific Dental Care, and provides patients with the ability to preview and be aware of the result of their Invisalign treatment. It renders a simulation of the treatment so patients can better manage their experience and reduce the chances of irregular fitting aligners and rejections.

The iTero scanner technology creates digital impressions of your mouth, which are of the most advanced and detailed quality. Instead of putty or trays being used to develop impressions, the scanner is a handheld tool that does not require any invasive procedures.

Expert Precision

If you are receiving Invisalign or any other orthodontic treatment, you can discuss with your dentist the goals and what to expect from each step of the process. The digital scans from the iTero scanner wil be applied to your orthodontic process to create an overall more precise result that is better suited to your individual case. For additional information or to schedule a consultation, contact Pacific Dental Care today.

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