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Dentures are a great way to restore missing teeth. Whether you have lost some of all of your original teeth, dentures will restore your appearance and promote proper speaking and chewing functions. Though dental implants feel more like natural teeth, they are not a good option for some patients, and they involve complex, multi-step surgery. Dentures are cheaper, faster, and very effective.

Types of Dentures

There are two main types of dentures: complete and partial.

  • If all your teeth are missing, complete dentures are used. Gum tissue should be allowed to heal for eight to twelve weeks after tooth extraction before dentures are inserted. Immediate dentures can be manufactured in advance and placed immediately after tooth extraction. However, since the gums usually shrink during the healing period, immediate dentures require frequent adjustment and should be considered a temporary solution.
  • If you still retain some natural teeth, partial dentures are used. Also known as bridges, these dentures consist of a gum-colored plastic base supporting replacement teeth. A metal framework is sometimes required to hold the partial denture in place. When a tooth is missing, neighboring teeth shift position, and a partial denture will prevent this misalignment.

The Denture Procedure

Insurance often covers the cost of dentures since they are considered a medical device. Serving the surrounding Glendale, Burbank, and Pasadena areas, Pacific Dental Care is committed to maximizing your coverage. The denture process usually takes several weeks. First, we conduct a survey of your oral health and choose the best appliance for your teeth. Your dentist will make an impression of your jaw and create models to guide the placement of your dentures. You may try a variety of models throughout the process. Once you’ve found the best fit, your dentist casts the dentures. Finally, you will come back for several follow-up appointments so we can make any adjustments that are necessary.

How do I adjust to dentures?

New dentures may feel uncomfortable, but after a settling-in process, they should fit right in. Eating often takes time to get used to. For the first few days, try soft foods cut into small pieces. As you grow more comfortable with chewing, gradually return to your normal diet. Hard and sticky foods that may damage your dentures are best avoided. Many patients become accustomed to speaking with missing teeth and take time to readjust their speech. Eventually, your tongue and cheek muscles will discover the right feel.

Getting dentures is a time-tested, reliable procedure. Restoring missing teeth can have a large impact on your quality of life. Schedule a consultation at Pacific Dental Care, and we will be glad to get the process started.

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