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How CEREC Helps Your Restorative Dental Experience

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Restoring your teeth and your smile can be a time-consuming process. It used to require multiple trips to your dentist in order to get a crown, an inlay or onlay. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. Thanks to innovative dental technology there’s a better way to tackle dental emergencies. CEREC allows you to undergo restorative dental procedures without any hassles.

What Is CEREC?

CEREC stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics or CEramic REConstruction. CEREC uses CAD/CAM (computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing) technology. With the help of CEREC, dentists can now take your dental impressions quicker and deliver same-day treatments.

How CEREC Helps Your Restorative Dental Experience

In today’s busy world, people don’t have the time to make multiple visits to the dentist. This is where CEREC comes in. CEREC gives you the ultimate luxury, convenience. Most treatments like fitting a crown require two or more trips to the dentist, however, with CEREC, you can walk home with a shining new crown on the same day.

Not only is CEREC faster, but it is also more durable. CEREC uses a single block of solid ceramic materials instead of pressed ceramic and metal. This essentially translates to a more durable and long-lasting restoration. Whether you are using CEREC for your front teeth or your back teeth, you are assured of a both visually and structurally sound treatment.

Gone are the days of waiting for your permanent restoration to arrive from a lab and then dealing with scheduling hassles. With CEREC, you are able to make use of the available technology right in your dentist’s office. Not only does it free up the dentist’s time, but it also makes for a far better experience for a patient. CEREC is also ideal for those undergoing a dental emergency and needs restorations at the earliest.

The color of CEREC restorations is more in-line with the natural color of your teeth, thus giving it a more natural look than traditional ceramic restorations. With CEREC, you no longer have to worry about spending your precious time running between your dentist’s office, instead, you can spend it with our family, creating memories and clicking the perfect pictures while flashing your newly found CEREC smile.

How Do Braces Work?

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Braces are devices that help in correcting crowded or crooked teeth. They also aid in treating a misaligned jaw. Although braces are mostly used during adolescence, several adults are choosing to get dental braces in order to make corrections to their teeth or treat some form of misalignment in their jaw. 

Braces are created using metal or ceramic, wires, as well as bonding material that attaches them to the teeth of the person getting the braces. The success rates of braces vary, depending on when the treatment begins, what the treatment goals are, and your age. 

How Braces Move Your Teeth

The way braces move your teeth is that they exert constant pressure on your teeth for long periods of time. This leads to the shape of your jaw gradually getting adapted to this pressure, and then conforming to it. 

We often think of our teeth as being directly connected to our jawbone, which makes the concept of braces difficult to be imagined as something that’s comfortable. However, that’s not the case. Located below your gums is a membrane. This membrane is surrounded by bones that root your teeth to your jaw. The membrane helps in controlling the position of your teeth, and in turn it responds to the pressure being put by the braces on your teeth. 

It’s a common question if braces hurt or not. The answer is no, they don’t hurt. It’s a painless process while getting the braces on, and it takes about an hour or two for the braces to get installed. One might experience a certain amount of soreness during the first week, because that’s when the inside of your mouth is getting adjusted to your braces. 

The Components of Braces

Braces have quite a few components. The small pieces of the braces apply gentle pressure on the teeth, helping them to move into the proper positions. The brackets are connected by wires, which controls the amount exerted on the teeth. Other aligners that are popular in dentistry include: fast braces, Invisalign, clear braces, braces for children, and more. 

The wires go around the teeth, increasing the stability of the bracket, thereby allowing for more gentle pressure to be applied on the teeth. These little bands aid in the entire bite of the patient at once instead of doing so gradually via tooth movement. As every individual’s case in unique, it’s not necessary for every patient to have to resort to all the components for a successful treatment.

The Relationship Between Sleep Apnea and Diabetes

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Do you suffer from type two diabetes? It’s important to know that diabetes gives you an approximately 50-50 chance of developing sleep apnea. Diabetes and sleep apnea share similar risk factors such as breathing problems and obesity. If a person isn’t getting enough sleep, their blood glucose levels become more difficult to regulate. This will exacerbate other health problems.

People often don’t know how dangerous sleep apnea can be and not treating it could lead to painful headaches, cardiovascular disease, fatigue and fevers. It’s extremely important to control your glucose levels when you have diabetes. If you lack sleep, this could cause fatigue, dizziness and you could even lose glucose. A common way to identify sleep apnea is if people in your household notice you snoring loudly or you start and stop breathing in your sleep. If you are overweight and have diabetes, the tissue from your neck and throat can block your airways once you lay down, causing breathing difficulties. Finding and treating the issue early on can prevent further complications down the line.

A dentist can help treat sleep apnea in a variety of ways. Pacific Dental Care offers devices that are designed to open your airways so you can sleep without stops and starts in your breathing. This will help restore normal sleep patterns, and you will wake up feeling more rested. Since you will be able to sleep better, this will help you stay at healthy glucose levels. We are experienced, professional, and make sure to provide the highest quality dental services that fit your needs.

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