How can a dentist help fix my snoring issue?

If your snoring keeps your partner up at night, we urge you to consult our dentist, who will also examine you for sleep apnea symptoms. Regardless of the results, we will assist you in dealing with your snoring. While your partner’s loss of sleep is enough of a concern, there may be other consequences which are far more serious. For instance, snoring can lead to several chronic problems like depression, cardiac disease, hypertension, headaches, lack of concentration, and fatigue. It is also a good idea to consider treatment early on, as snoring typically worsens with age.

How can we stop snoring?

Sleep is accompanied by a muscle relaxation process, wherein the muscles at the back of your throat also tend to loosen. As a result, your air passage gets obstructed and your throat muscles rub against each other. These combined processes cause snoring. The mouth guard created by our dentists can be fitted perfectly over your teeth to ensure your muscles don’t touch each other and restrict the air passage. If you would like to know more about how Dr. Marine’s snore guards reduce snoring, contact us in Glendale, California.