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Pacific Dental Care

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Pacific Dental Care will service your smile with a smile. We strive to deliver a wide range of first rate dental procedures that will give you the healthy, vibrant set of teeth you’ve always wanted for yourself. We think of ourselves an overall, affordable, comprehensive dental wellness center where we can provide a vast array of services right here in our facilities in Glendale, CA. We custom tailor our dental services to fit the need of the patient, who we appreciate as a unique individual. Since no two smiles are the same, we make sure that we adjust our methods of treatment accordingly, making sure that your results are the most effective and lasting as possible.

Service (for Your Smile) with a Smile

Pacific Dental Care is proud to provide expert procedures combined with innovative dental technology. The result is a smile that looks like it belongs on a movie screen. You’ll never think of a visit with Pacific Dental Care as a chore. As a matter of fact, you’ll look forward to our refreshingly progressive patient-based services and dental procedures, whether it’s your bi-annual check-up, porcelain veneers, orthodontics, and even oral surgery.

Wide Reaching Abilities

We’ll elevate your smile to the next level. We’ll help you safeguard the foundation of your oral health and keep it maintained for the long haul. Dr. Martirosyan is committed to providing compassionate, comprehensive dental care.

From routine procedures to full mouth restorations, smile designs, and smile makeovers, Pacific Dental Care has the equipment and experience to handle any unique smile situation. Our state-of-the-art facility is designed with the patient’s comfort and safety in mind, giving us the unique ability to offer cosmetic, general, and preventative dentistry. We also specialize in orthodontics, oral surgery, sleep apnea, TMJ disorder, porcelain veneers/lumineers, children’s orthodontics and pediatric dentistry, sedation and emergency dentistry.

Find out today why Pacific Dental Care is head and shoulders above traditional dental offices. Our service is what sets us apart. Your smile will always know if you settle for anything less. Call today to schedule your consultation and discuss how we can set the tone for your oral health together.

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Pacific Dental Care


Dr. Marine Martirosyan, DDS and her dental team will work with you to find the best solution to give you the best results.


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