Intraoral Camera

Intraoral Camera

Intraoral CameraWhen you smile in the mirror, you can only see part of your teeth and gums. When we use our special intraoral camera, you can see everything that we see. This device is a precise camera small enough to fit into the smallest parts of your mouth, and it takes digital images of each visible surface of your teeth and gums so that you can see cavities, gum inflammation and other dental problems. We use this special camera to allow you to have an insider’s view of your smile and better understand our treatment recommendations.

This type of device has been available for more than 20 years and has become a fast, effective way to take pictures of teeth, gums and other oral tissues, and these images can be a great way to better educate you about your smile. The camera is a bit bigger than a pen, and it has a protective sheath that is thrown away after each use to protect your health. Dr. Martirosyan will gently insert the intraoral camera into your mouth to get a series of images from a variety of angles.

A picture is often said to be worth a thousand words, and that saying holds especially true in dentistry. Dr. Martirosyan can use these images to show you the extent of a cracked tooth, areas of gingivitis, worn teeth from bruxism or GERD, and other common dental problems. We can show you pictures of your mouth in real time during your treatment and explore various treatment options. The intraoral camera will transmit the images directly to a monitor so that you can see precisely what we see.

An intraoral camera even allows for better before-and-after pictures. We can take pictures of the damaged tooth or worn fillings followed by images of the repaired tooth or new fillings. Dr. Martirosyan can show you the results of periodontal treatments and monitor your progress. There is no processing or wait time associated with the camera, and we can print out the results for you to take home or for your dental insurer.

Dr. Martirosyan is proud to offer the latest dental technology to save your smile. Call us today to learn more or to schedule your consultation with our dentist in Glendale.

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