Frequent Questions About Fastbraces

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Frequent Questions About Fastbraces

What are Fastbraces?

Fastbraces are a special variety of braces invented by orthodontic specialists, with decades of research to support their effectiveness. They can treat complex cases (such as over bites, cross bites, and open bites) better than Invisalign’s gentle process, while having similar effectiveness compared to conventional braces. Fastbraces are more visible than Invisalign, but the orthodontic treatment goals may be reached in 3-12 months, similar to Invisalign. Regular braces typically require 1-3 years, depending on the difficulty of the case.

What allows Fastbraces to achieve orthodontic goals so quickly?

Traditional braces first slowly move the crowns using a square bracket, then the roots with a round wire. Fastbraces utilizes a triangular bracket that repositions the crowns, while a flexible square wire straightens the roots at the same time.

How comfortable are Fastbraces compared with traditional braces?

Fastbraces’ wires are smaller and smoother, so they won’t poke the gums and soft mouth tissues as conventional braces often do, sometimes requiring emergency visits to the dental office to fix the problem.

Are there other advantages?

Fastbraces are less unsightly than conventional braces, they are easier to clean (so there is less risk of periodontal disease getting a foothold during treatment), and they require less frequent visits to the dental office for adjustments. They also do not require any tooth extractions to get started and no need to relearn how to chew or speak clearly, as orthodontic braces often do. There is less risk of resorption of the teeth after treatment and a shorter time needed to wear a retainer to maintain the final positions afterwards. While Fastbraces have similar dietary restrictions (avoid sticky and hard foods),  while Invisalign has none, the process is so fast that these are a much briefer inconvenience than with traditional braces. Fastbraces are also less expensive than both Invisalign and conventional braces. Fastbraces have been thoroughly tested for three decades, so are known to be very safe for all patients.

How can I decide whether Fastbraces or some other orthodontic treatment is the appropriate one for me?

A thorough dental examination is required, including digital x-rays (which involve minimal radiation), to be sure you do not have other dental issues that need to be treated first, such as periodontal disease, and to make sure your jaw is strong enough to support the process of straightening the teeth that are rooted into it. Once your oral health status is confirmed as ready for some type of orthodontic process, we will discuss your options.

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