Are You Considering Fastbraces? Here are Things to Know

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Are You Considering Fastbraces? Here are Things to Know

About a quarter of U.S. patients seeking orthodontic treatment for their crooked smiles now are adults. Traditionally, the vast majority of patients were teens, after their permanent teeth had come in, but many people started putting off orthodontic treatment after hearing from friends about problems with conventional braces.

Complaints were that they were very uncomfortable when they had to go into the office periodically to have them tightened. Then there was the pain of brackets and wires sometimes poking gums or the inside of cheeks. Then there were the dietary restrictions: no sticky or hard foods (including popcorn, nuts, whole apples, raw carrots, and gum). And wearing conventional braces meant big challenges trying to keep teeth and gums clean. This usually went on for 2-3 years.

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But Fastbraces is a revolutionary technology that has the advantages of traditional braces over other options, such as aligner trays (the ability to treat complex cases), yet is a much quicker process, as the name implies. Tested thoroughly for 25 years, they have been proven to only require only 3-6 months to complete the straightening and are effective for teens and adults.

The reason is that Fastbraces move the teeth in a very different way compared with conventional braces. Those move the teeth slowly, starting with the crown, the visible part above the gums, using a square bracket. Then the roots, which are connected to the jaw, are positioned using a round wire. Fastbraces, by contrast, reposition the root from the start, using a triangular bracket, while a square wire straightens the crown at the same time.

The smoother and smaller wires of Fastbraces won’t cut the gums, are less unsightly than standard braces, and they make it easier to be cleaned, so that periodontal disease is less likely to occur. Fewer visits are required to the dental office for adjustments, as well.

Fastbraces also do not generally require tooth extractions and the patient does not have to relearn how to speak clearly or even chew properly once they start to wear them, unlike other types of braces.

Not many dental practices have the experience with Fastbraces that Dr. Marine does. Dr. Marine is a gentle dentist who does her best to keep patients comfortable throughout the procedure. So if you are embarrassed by your crooked smile, call for a full dental check-up and teeth cleaning at the best dentist in Glendale to find out if this safe, quick, and advanced treatment is right for you.

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