Getting Your Child’s Smile ‘Back-to-School’ Ready with Braces

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Getting Your Child’s Smile ‘Back-to-School’ Ready with Braces

Even though it can be pretty hard to believe, the school year is already back upon us. This year, kids will be once again learning their brand-new class schedules, swapping summertime stories, and meeting all of their new friends. As they prepare for another year, it is important to give them everything they need to get started and kick off the year on the right foot.

We know how hard it can be to adjust back to being at school after your child has just enjoyed lots of time off in the fresh air with their friends and family. This is especially true for kids who are still adjusting to their braces. As a trusted and reliable practice, we want to ensure that the school return with braces is as easy and seamless as possible for your child.

Below, you will find some excellent ways to keep your child’s braces in the best shape possible throughout the entire academic year. Let’s go!

Send Your Kids to School with a Braces Care Kit

Sometimes, it is so easy to forget about a care kit for braces. In fact, when heading back to school, it can be super easy to forget about oral hygiene altogether. Now that your kids’ braces are no longer a new and exciting thing, it is easy for them to forget when tests and homework cloud their minds. 

That is why you should consider creating a braces care kit for your child to take to school. A small zip lock bag with a toothbrush, toothpaste, dental wax, floss, and extra elastics will ensure they have everything they need. Make an effort to remind them to brush their teeth after lunch to remain healthy and clean.

Mouthguard for Physical Activities

If your child is playing sports, you should ensure that they are equipped with a mouthguard. This will ensure the safety of their braces. It will also protect their mouth from injury.

The True Importance of Water

When children are able to drink enough water throughout the day, this can help to flush away food debris, fight tooth decay, and avoid bad breath. Make sure that they avoid sugary beverages as these drinks can cause cavities. Tooth decay treatment is awful as it could delay how fast you get your dream smile. 

Set a healthy routine for your child from the very beginning.

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