Fastbraces Can Deliver Straighter Teeth in Less than 120 Days

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Fastbraces Can Deliver Straighter Teeth in Less than 120 Days

Think that the straight smile you’ve always wanted is years away? Think again! Fastbraces are a quick, effective way to straighten your teeth in more than half the time it takes to see results from traditional braces.

Treatment typically takes 120 days or less. That’s just four months!

Fastbraces not only work faster, they’re much more wallet friendly. These braces are recommended for patients who have noticeable spacing between their teeth, crooked teeth, or jarred teeth. Fastbraces can even help those with an open or cross bite.

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Benefits of Fastbraces

There are many advantages to choosing Fastbraces over other teeth straightening procedures.

Quicker results 

It can take up to two years for traditional braces to shift the teeth. Fastbraces straighten the teeth within a matter of months by using a single wire. Some patients see results in a matter of weeks, which boosts morale and confidence.

More comfortable

Fastbraces work just as effectively as traditional braces but with less pain and discomfort. Unlike traditional braces, Fastbraces uses just one wire, which greatly minimizes pain and discomfort.

A single wire creates much less frictional forces, which protects the teeth, while also preserving your natural bite. Because Fastbraces cause less pain and discomfort, more patients are willing to commit to the procedure to achieve a straighter, healthier smile.

Less time spent at the dentist

Because Fastbraces take just 120 days to straighten your teeth, you’ll spend much less time at the dentist’s office. This is especially helpful if you have a hectic schedule or if you have anxiety about visiting the dentist.

No need to wear a retainer

Traditional braces use a retainer to keep the teeth in place. Fastbraces uses an innovative “tooth shampoo” that works to maintain the teeth’s new position. The shampoo must be used everyday and takes 15-20 minutes to work.

Retainers can make it hard to properly care for the teeth. Because the tooth shampoo doesn’t stay on the teeth’s surface, patients can resume their normal dental hygiene routine.

Get a smile you love with Fastbraces

Fastbraces is an innovative way for patients to achieve a straighter smile within months, not years! Are you ready to show your smile with total confidence? Schedule a consultation at Pacific Dental to discuss your smile makeover. Contact us online or call our office at (818) 396-7777.

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