Braces Case Study December 2021

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Braces Case Study December 2021

Patient Profile and Introduction

During this treatment, we worked with a patient who are also looking like a great candidate for Invisalign Teen. This is a treatment that can be migrated to roughly 12 months into treatment. 

However, due to the patient’s active lifestyle, as well as the initial assessment of their oral health, the best way to proceed with this treatment is to start with metal braces.

Why Does This Patient Benefit from Orthodontic Treatment?

During the patient’s initial consultation, two primary problems were identified. On the bottom row of the patient’s mouth, there was severe crowding. Up the top, there is absolutely no room for the upper canines. 

With the help of orthodontic treatment, the patient will benefit from jaw expansion that will create the necessary space for all teeth to exist comfortably with the perfect amount of space. This treatment will ensure that the patient sees ultimate alignment to create an optimized bite. 

Expansion of the Jawbone

To be able to adjust the structure of the teeth in order to optimize the patient’s bite, it is crucial that we carefully stretch the jawbone over time to make room for the other teeth efficiently. 

Orthodontic Treatment Details

  • Traditional metal braces are recommended with a need for expansion and bite optimization.
  • By starting now, the jaw, which is still growing, will be realigned and adjusted to ensure long-term aesthetics and health.

Treatment Time

  1. 2 years total
  2. 1 year for bone growth
  3. 1 year for ortho
  4. Office visits every 8 weeks

Patient Feedback and Comments

The patient was very excited to see the results. From the start, they had a great understanding of the long-term importance of ortho care.

They were not worried about appearing awkward or uncomfortable as many of their peers were also undergoing ortho treatment at the time.

If you’re ready to kickstart your braces treatment today, get in touch with Pacific Dental Care.

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