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Memory Wire Braces

Memory Wire Braces GlendaleConventional braces have long been one of the most reliable methods of straightening teeth. Braces use a combination of brackets, wires, and bands that attach to each individual tooth teeth and apply pressure to move teeth in a specific direction. Today, we can use a special wire called memory wire that maintains its shape to apply the maximum amount of pressure for fewer dental visits over the course of your treatment. Our Glendale memory wire braces dentist can help you decide if memory wire braces are right for you.

Traditional stainless steel archwires can lose tension over time. This can mean adjustments are more frequently needed to make up for the lost tension. Memory wire is different. Memory wire is made of nitinol, an alloy of nickel and titanium. Nitinol tends to remember its shape when it is heated. When we use nitinol to connect your brackets, the wire will maintain consistent pressure and tension as the heat from your mouth causes it to remember its proper shape. Not only will you have fewer visits to our expert in memory wire braces in Glendale, but you may also enjoy faster results.

Glendale Memory Wire Braces

As with other types of braces, you will need to take steps to ensure the best results. Our Glendale memory wire braces dentist may recommend that you avoid specific foods during your treatment. These may include popcorn, nuts, whole apples, raw carrots, and gum. You will also need to maintain good dental hygiene and be especially careful to brush and floss each tooth, and around each bracket and the wires that connect them.

You will also still need to visit our expert in memory wire braces in Glendale periodically for adjustments. Most patients will need to visit about every four to six weeks to have their wires adjusted. During these appointments, the elastic bands will be replaced, and the wires may also be replaced periodically. We will monitor your progress. Depending on your specific needs, you will likely be in treatment between 12 and 24 months. Call us today to find out more or to schedule your appointment with our orthodontist in Glendale.

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