How Mouthguards can be Effective at Treating Snoring Issues

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How Mouthguards can be Effective at Treating Snoring Issues

According to WebMD, half of American adults snore regularly. This can be due to being overweight, lying on one’s back during sleep, having a drink of alcohol before bed, taking sedatives, being older, or dehydrated.

Just being male raises the risk: according to, 40% of men and 20% of women snore at least several times a week. Men tend to gain more weight in the neck area and have more soft tissue in the palate, both of which can lead to a blocked upper airway and thus snoring. Testosterone also makes it more likely men will suffer from sleep apnea, a serious disorder whose main symptom is frequent snoring. Progesterone in women promotes breathing during sleep and prompts the tongue to contract instead of blocking their throat and result in snoring, but after the onset of menopause, women snore more frequently.

The standard medical treatment is a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) machine, but since it requires someone to sleep on the back all night and wear an oxygen mask, which is uncomfortable for many, compliance is low.

Oral Appliances are an Alternative Treatment for Snoring

So it’s good to know that Dr. Marine is a specialist in treating snoring issues with an FDA-approved oral appliance. It is a custom-made mouthguard made of plastic that can move the jaw forward and keep the airway open during sleep.

Less Snoring Lowers Sleep Apnea Risk

Less snoring not only wake’s one’s partner less (21 times a night for frequent snorers), but lowers the risk of having sleep apnea. Apneas are short pauses in breathing up to 100 times a night, which significantly raise the risk for being in a car accident due to sleep deprivation, as the brain tries to wake up the individual to take deep breaths (though few actually become conscious). Sleep apnea sufferers are also far more likely to suffer from migraine headaches, depression and anxiety unrelated to life conditions, have high blood pressure, heart failure, stroke, and even Alzheimer’s disease.

Call for an appointment today to have a full oral exam and a discussion with Dr. Marine about whether your snoring can be reduced with a personalized mouthguard.

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