An Overview of the Veneers Process and What to Expect

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An Overview of the Veneers Process and What to Expect

You’ve no doubt heard about the benefits of dental veneers, one of the most popular ways to achieve a perfect smile, as so many celebrities know. Everyone in Los Angeles has their natural smiles inevitably compared with the close-ups on the smallest and largest of screens and veneers are the most cost-effective and quickest way to achieve a gleaming smile that will last many years.

The first step is a full dental exam so that Dr. Marine can judge what veneers (thin slices of dental porcelain fixed to the front of teeth) might cover or improve: stained teeth that don’t respond to any kind of whitening, chipped or cracked ones, those that are misshapen , too big, or too small compared with their neighbors, and gaps between teeth.

If you are a candidate, then you need to decide which teeth need to be prioritized and what shade you want them to be (they need to match the natural teeth that are also visible when you smile and most patients either have them made the same color or have all teeth whitened and the veneers are matched to this new shade). 

Dr. Marine will then take a mold impression of the teeth that will be upgraded and this will be sent to a top dental laboratory to craft the dental porcelain. This can take 2-4 weeks, depending on how many teeth are involved. Once they are ready, you will return to the office to have them fitted for comfort and appearance.

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Preparing Your Teeth Before Treatment

Before the veneers are bonded, however, a small amount of the front of each tooth is filed, but far less than for traditional veneers, since Pacific Dental Care is a specialist in what are known as No-Prep Veneers. This makes sure that they do not stick out and result in a “toothy” smile, but appear to be the original teeth Nature gave you. Your teeth are then cleaned, a bonding cement is put on the surface, and the veneers are placed, with the final step the use of a special light to harden the attachment.

Veneers are Long-Lasting

Porcelain veneers can last 10 years or more with proper care, which helps make them one of the most popular cosmetic treatments in dentistry. That means all your teeth, with or without veneers, need to continue to be thoroughly brushed and flossed daily and you should have your hygienist provide a professional cleaning at least twice a year. You also need to avoid bad habits, like eating very hard foods, chewing ice cubes, nibbling on pens, and pulling clothing on and off with your teeth, which could damage veneers. 

Find out whether porcelain veneers are right for you by setting a no-obligation appointment with Dr. Marine today.

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