What to Expect After Getting Tooth Fillings

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What to Expect After Getting Tooth Fillings

A non-invasive procedure, tooth filling is a solution to restore the health of a tooth affected by cavities. Tooth fillings can be performed by any trained dentist in Glendale. Patients don’t have to be sedated and usually, the procedure will be over in under an hour. 

To know what to expect after dental fillings, it’s good to understand how the procedure works.

How tooth filling procedures work

Typically, your dentist in Glendale would remove the decayed part of the tooth using a dental drill, apply adhesive material over it, place the filling, and cure it with a dental light.

Step 1: Removing the decayed part

In the first stage, the dentist would isolate the decayed part of the tooth and with the help of a dental drill, scalpel, or other tools, remove it. Since the patient may experience minor discomfort, the dentist might numb the area to minimize any pain.

Step 2: Placing the adhesive material

After removing the affected part, the dentist would thoroughly disinfect the portion. Then they would place an adhesive material over it to help the filling material properly attach to the tooth. This gel-like material is easy to apply and safe. It only takes a short time and the patient won’t experience any discomfort at this stage. 

Step 3: Applying the filling to the cavity

It’s time now to apply the filling material to the cavity. For those patients who want a material that resembles the color of their teeth, dentists might suggest porcelain or amalgam. The filling is contoured and smoothed to make sure that it’s evenly attached. 


After the treatment, the staff would share aftercare instructions along with a schedule for follow-up visits. In most cases, patients will be able to drive themselves home after the treatment and the recovery will only take a few hours.

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