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Root Canal Glendale

Root Canal GlendaleA root canal is a special tooth-saving procedure that may be recommended if you have a broken or infected tooth. The tooth is made of several layers. Enamel, the outer layer, is the hardest tissue in the human body, but it can be damaged by oral bacteria. Just beneath the thin layer of enamel is the dentin of the tooth. The dentin is softer and more easily damaged by bacteria. It contains numerous liquid-filled tubules that provide sensory information to the nerve of the tooth. The nerve, blood vessels and other soft tissues are contained within the root canals of the tooth. If bacteria are able to access these inner chambers, they can quickly destroy the soft tissue and create an infection or abscess.

Once the nerve has been damaged or has died, it can cause pain or other problems. The infection can continue beyond the roots of the teeth and may drain into the mouth or damage the jawbone tissue. A root canal procedure can remove the diseased soft tissues without needing to remove the entire tooth. You may benefit from endodontic therapy if you have deep decay, a badly broken tooth or an infection or abscess.

Glendale Root Canal

At your appointment, we will start by numbing the tooth with a local anesthetic. Sedation may also be available for patients with dental anxiety. Once the tooth is completely numb, we will access the canals of the tooth so that we can remove the nerve and other tissues, or the pulp. Next, the canals will be carefully shaped and cleaned before being sealed. After your root canal, you may be prescribed antibiotics to help promote healing.

Most patients experience significant relief after their root canal treatments because the source of the pain has been removed. However, if the infection spread beyond the tooth or caused significant inflammation in the tissues around the tooth, you may have some tenderness for a few days after the procedure. This will resolve as the inflammation subsides. Call us today to learn more about endodontic therapy or to schedule an appointment with our Glendale dentist. Root canals are done by out endodontist.

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