Jewelry for Your Teeth

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Jewelry for Your Teeth

Flashing an attractive, captivating smile exudes confidence, makes a memorable first impression, and gives a great boost to self-esteem. If you are looking for yet another way to make your smile even more stylish, you might want to consider adding something really special.

Enter, Tooth Jewelry – bedazzling gems, jewels, and temporary cosmetic appliances for your teeth.

What is Tooth Jewelry?

Tooth jewelry is a temporary, non-invasive aesthetic smile enhancement. Tooth jewelry comes in many different shapes and sizes. One option is a tooth gem – a small rhinestone jewel is attached to the surface of a tooth using a dental adhesive. Another option is a jewel-encrusted cap fitted over a single tooth. Lastly, are the big statement pieces – decorative grills – that fit over most of a person’s front teeth, popularized by artists such as Lil Wayne and Jonathan Davis.

How long will my tooth jewelry last?

In most cases, a tooth gem applied in the dentist’s office will last from six months to one year. If you wish to have it removed before it falls off naturally, your dentist will be able to remove it safely without any lasting damage to your natural tooth.

How do I care for my tooth jewelry?

Tooth jewelry requires no additional maintenance. After you have had your tooth gem applied by your dentist, simply continue with regular daily brushing and flossing. It is also advised that you continue to keep your regular dental cleaning appointments. Your dental hygienist can easily polish the top and around the jewel with a soft point. The only exception is that we do not recommend you use an electric toothbrush for the first 24 hours following your procedure.

If you are looking to make your smile particularly memorable, contact Pacific Dental Care today to schedule your cosmetic consultation and see how tooth jewelry can add an eye-catching pop to your pearly whites.

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