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Chipped Tooth Glendale

Chipped Tooth GlendaleTeeth are strong, but they cannot withstand all forces. Biting down on something hard, a direct blow to the face or mouth, a fall, a vehicle accident or tooth decay can damage or weaken a tooth. A chipped tooth may not hurt, but it can leave your tooth more vulnerable to decay and other dental problems. Dr. Martirosyan, our Glendale chipped tooth treatment expert, can help.

People often discover a chipped tooth when they feel a sharp edge against their tongue. This may not be painful, but a large chip can irritate or damage the nerve inside the tooth. Nerve damage can be extremely painful, and the tooth itself may become highly sensitive to cold, hot, sweet or sour foods. Dr. Martirosyan, our expert in treatment of chipped tooth in Glendale, will need to examine the tooth to determine the extent of damage and the appropriate treatment.

Glendale Chipped Tooth

Although you cannot treat a chipped or broken tooth at home, you can take steps to protect the tooth until you can reach our office. First, rinse your mouth with warm water to flush away any debris that could further irritate your mouth. Apply gauze or a tea bag to stop any bleeding, and use a cool compress to reduce swelling. Use over-the-counter pain medications to ease the ache. However, seeking help from our Glendale chipped tooth treatment expert as soon as possible is critical to ensuring the best outcome.

Once we assess the tooth, we can explain your treatment options. Many minor chips can be treated with dental bonding, a conservative restoration that can be placed in a single day. More serious fractures may need a dental crown. If the nerve of the tooth has been damaged as well, Dr. Martirosyan, our expert in treatment of chipped tooth in Glendale, may need to perform a root canal therapy to remove the damaged tissue and protect the tooth from long-term damage.

A chipped tooth does not have to mean the end of your smile. Prompt treatment can save your tooth and the aesthetics of your smile. Call us today to learn more or to schedule your appointment with our Glendale emergency dentist.

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