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Maintaining good oral hygiene is essential to keeping a bright white smile for a lifetime. If you care for your teeth and gums you will not only maintain a healthy smile but also help to improve your overall health.

It is very important that you brush your teeth, floss and clean your tongue regularly in order to maintain a healthy smile. Also, regular check ups and professional dental cleanings are necessary to detect problems before they start. Studies have shown that unhealthy teeth and gums can contribute to other health problems such as heart disease. Besides, people who maintain good oral hygiene are less likely to spend money on expensive, more complicated procedures in the future.

If you take your dental health seriously and have taken the necessary steps to preserve your teeth for a lifetime, then you should join our whiter brighter you for life patient loyalty program. The whiter brighter you for life patient loyalty program is for patients that have proven that their dental health is very important to them. We will offer free whitening touch up syringes for life, following a dental treatment plan. While this is a free privilege it does have some conditions and restrictions. Once you are accepted as a member you must commit to caring for your dental health for a lifetime.

You must also comply with any requirements or directions from your dental professional and staff at our dental office in Glendale. If you do not meet any of the conditions you will be disqualified until you meet the requirements for re-enrollment. Being a member of this elite group can be a great motivator for anyone who wants great dental health! We take pride in the dental work we do and in our patients who do everything in their power to maintain good oral health. We believe this patient loyalty program is a good way to reward these wonderful diligent patients.

Member Benefits
You will receive one touch up tooth whitening syringe at each further hygiene re-care appointment, up to four times annually. Lost or destroyed whitening trays will be replaced at cost to the Member.

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