What is TMJ Pain?

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TMJ Pain and Associated Conditions

Located in the jaw is the temporomandibular joint, or TMJ. It makes up the temporal bone, lower jaw, and disc. These are affixed to the skull through the temporable bone. When the disc becomes displaced due to injury or dental problems, it can fall out of position. In addition, the muscles become stiff and the bite is negatively affected. Patients who experience these conditions often find difficulties eating or biting into foods.

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Frequent symptoms associated with TMJ disorders include painful clicking noises, an inability to open or close the mouth, and pain in the shoulder, neck, and face. Our expert is able to decompress the painful nerves to help you regain comfort. Since TMJ disorders are most often caused by teeth grinding, our expert can also prescribe you with a mouth guard to wear at night that will reduce the effects of grinding on the teeth and joints.

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