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Sleep apnea is an unfortunate easy-to-miss sleep disorder that can affect your ability to function and your overall well-being. Without treatment, your risk of cardiovascular disease, depression, diabetes, and other serious health conditions increases. Recognizing the symptoms can help you get the care you need at the earliest sign of a problem. Our sleep apnea dentist in Pasadena may recommend further testing if you have any symptoms of sleep apnea.

The most common symptom is loud, chronic snoring. The snores may be interrupted by brief pauses, coughing or choking. The snoring tends to get louder over time, and can be worse in certain positions, such as on your back. Because you will usually sleep through the snoring, a sleeping partner may be the first person to alert you of this problem.

Symptoms you may notice on your own include:

• Sleepiness during the daytime
• Morning headaches
• Irritability, depression or mood swings
• Waking frequently to use the bathroom
• Waking with a sore throat or dry mouth
• Forgetfulness and an inability to concentrate
• Insomnia
• Restless sleep

Symptoms in children may include angry or hostile behavior, poor school performance and hyperactivity. They may also consistently breathe through their mouths.

Treatment will be planned according to your specific needs. After determining any factors that are contributing to the problem, we may suggest lifestyle changes and appropriate treatments. Some signs of sleep apnea may also be correlated with conditions such as TMJ disorders. Call us today to find out more or to schedule an appointment with our expert in sleep apnea test in Pasadena.

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