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Sleep apnea is a condition that can have significant consequences to the lives of affected patients. One question that patients ask is how much treatment would cost. This question can be a reason that patients put off treatment entirely, which places their future health and wellness at risk. If the costs of sleep apnea treatment have always been a concern in your mind, then you can work with our Glendale and Burbank dentists to determine the appropriate treatment plan.

Investing in sleep apnea treatment can be well worth the cost. The improvements to your health and quality of life can be invaluable. We are experienced in multiple treatment options, including the following: sleep apnea machine, oral appliances, and surgery.

A sleep apnea machine can promote consistent and positive air pressure to keep your airways clear and open. The air is generated and flows through the mask, which is placed over the nose and mouth. Oral appliances are a second option that is effective for treating mild and moderate cases. They are fabricated to fit in the mouth and adjust the position of the jaw. This reduces the chances of soft tissue obstructing the airway.

If other treatments have been explored and not provided sufficient results, then surgery may be a necessary recommendation. Some patients may benefit more from surgery to treat sleep apnea than others. To fully determine which treatments are necessary and your financing options, contact Pacific Dental Care and schedule a consultation.

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