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Professional teeth whitening can raise questions from patients about its safety, especially for tooth enamel and the long-term health of teeth. The general response to these questions depends on the type of whitening applied. When it comes to using whitening strips, American Dental Association recommends a checkup with the dentist before applying them individually. For many treatments, applying them in the recommended manner will not result in actual, genuine danger for your oral health.

In some cases, increased tooth sensitivity may be a reaction to whitening treatments. The dentist can treat these small effects with a new toothpaste, pain relievers, or a numbing gel.

Cosmetic Dentistry
Cosmetic Dentistry

Does tooth enamel become harmed with whitening? There is relatively little or no evidence that have led to the conclusion that whitening can harm tooth enamel. In addition, whitening is not a factor for softening or changing the surface of teeth.

While it is established that teeth whitening that does not pose a significant risk to tooth enamel, it remains important that patients follow-up on whitening treatments with the proper recommendations and caution. If treatment instructions are not adhered to, the results of the treatment can be negatively affected. Teeth are delicate, and any extreme actions can affect their long-term health and durability.

Overall, teeth whitening remains a popular investment and can help numerous patients achieve a brighter, attractive smile. If you are considering this treatment, contact Pacific Dental Care and schedule an appointment.

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