You’re excited because you’re about to straighten your smile. You’ve made the call, you’ve made the preparations. But now you learn that you have to wait. Sometimes your dentist might make you wait up to two weeks for dental ceramics, whether that means dental crowns, ceramic retainers, or ceramic braces. Who has that kind of time to wait anyway?

The traditional way things work is your dentist has a relationship of varying closeness with a dental lab where your restorations are crafted. The work leaves the dentist’s office and is sent maybe across town, maybe across the country, coming back a few days at best or in some cases weeks later for placement with the patient.

Pacific Dental Care believes that you shouldn’t have to wait to feel confident; you shouldn’t have to wait to get the treatment you need to put you on the path to enjoying a beautiful smile.

Before, you’d be forced to wait two weeks. Now, at Pacific Dental Care, we’re happy to introduce our in-house ceramics lab, which give us the ability to fabricate our prosthetics and dental ceramics on the spot.

No longer do you have to wait for your dentist to send models to be fabricated and finished in an off-site dental lab. We’re also able to work more closely with your lab restorations, prosthetics, and ceramic dental appliances, facilitating faster fabrication and placement.

Advanced, Ceramic Braces Available at Our Glendale Dental Office

We specialize general, cosmetic dentistry, in addition to laser dentistry and orthodontics. If you’re anything than 100% happy with your smile, you shouldn’t have to live in that place. You can work on your smile just like you can work on your body, or your mind. Good oral health is linked to good overall health, after all. It’s never too late to start, but the time to start is now.

We’re more than just a dental technician; we’re are oral health mentors here to give you the tools and the foundation to enjoy a healthy smile for the long run. Pacific Dental

Care is always in a state of evolution; we’re constantly improving our practice to be more effective for our patients.


Same-Day retainers, In-house Ceramics Dental Lab

Our in-office lab gives us the ability to provide concentrated, steadfast care to our patients. We have a distinct advantage over many other dental practices in the Glendale, Pasadena, Burbank, and greater Los Angeles area. It’s all to make things easier and more convenient for our patients. Contact Pacific Dental Care today to learn more about the ways we provide top notch dental care at a value.