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Oral Treatments

Oral appliances are possible applicable treatments for mild-to-moderate sleep apnea. Some patients may ask whether CPAP can be a better choice for treating this condition. The conclusion to this comparison rests on several factors, this includes how well individual patients respond to each individual treatment. A successful experience with one treatment may not require a need for an alternative.

Cosmetic Dentistry
Cosmetic Dentistry

Differences Between CPAP and Oral Devices

CPAP machines utilize air pressure through a tube and mask, which is placed over the mouth, to facilitate air movement in the passageways. Patients who have the machine may find difficulties in transporting it around, as it requires a large storage space and comes with multiple electrical cords and adapters. In addition, patients will need to place it an area with adequate access to electrical outlets. It will generate noise as it is turned on, which may distract some patients.

With oral appliances, patients experience a re-positioning of their lower jaw from wearing the mask in order to promote airway flow. The storage and maintenance of oral appliances are easier due to their smaller carrying size. In addition, 91 percent of patients report that oral devices present minimal discomfort while in use. It does not make noise, and some patients can open their mouth, talk, or drink while using it.

For the purposes of sleep apnea treatment, making a decision between oral appliances or CPAP machines may require a consultation with a dentist. To schedule one with Pacific Dental Care, contact us today.

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