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Relief from sleep apnea symptoms starts with identify the right cures for sleep apnea. These solutions can involve many changes, including adjustments to your lifestyle to treatments that address the direct causes. In certain cases, sleep apnea may not be completely cured at all. For most patients however, there are solutions that can directly treat certain symptoms. At Pacific Dental Care, we can utilize a set of steps in our treatment plan that address sleep apnea and treat its associated symptoms.

The cause of sleep apnea is primarily due to increased airway obstruction. The muscles naturally tend to relax during sleep, but muscles around the airway can strengthen to keep the breathing passages open. For those with sleep apnea, excess tissue or narrow ways can inhibit the airways, which interrupts breathing during sleep. With breathing obstructed during the night, there is additional strain placed on the cardiovascular system. The brain is also affected due to the lack of oxygen obtained by the body overall. Your body may be repeatedly waking up to reopen the airways, which affects the quality of sleep you get from the night.

Several treatment options designed for relief from daytime sleep apnea symptoms include:

  • Improving lifestyle behavior and patterns. Overweight or obese individuals have an increased risk of developing sleep apnea. Losing weight is a step forward for treating and curing sleep apnea. Additional adjustments include performing throat exercises, ceasing smoking activities, reducing alcohol consumption, improving sleep hygiene, and more.
  • Sleep apnea machines. CPAP therapy, also known as controlled positive airway pressure therapy, work by keeping the airways open using air pressure. They are effective in treating sleep apnea as well as relieving patients from their symptoms.
  • Mouthpieces. Dental mouthpieces for curing sleep apnea can be valuable for patients who do not respond well to sleep apnea machines or have only a mild to moderate case of sleep apnea. They can gradually reshape the lower jaw, allowing for improved stability in the oral soft tissue and preventing tissue from obstructing breathing.
  • Surgical procedures. Patients with structural abnormalities or who do not have relief from conservative sleep apnea treatment options turn to surgery as a procedure to treat sleep apnea.

Pacific Dental Care is the home for additional resources and information on how to cure sleep apnea in Glendale. To learn more, call us today or schedule a consultation.

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