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Options for a Straight Smile

Some patients choose to have traditional braces to straighten their teeth, while others looking for a fast way have one option to turn to – Fastbraces®. Numerous patients desire straight and beautiful teeth, but are also concerned about the time it takes through a typical orthodontic procedure. Improved dental technology has given patients more options.

Fastbraces® are a High-Tech Option Provided by An Affordable Dentist

Fastbraces® work differently than traditional braces. Instead of square brackets attached to individual teeth, triangular brackets are used and have wires thread between them to provide enough elasticity for the teeth to be re-positioned. With this approach, teeth are re-positioned in less time than traditional orthodontic methods.

With Fastbraces®, the process is more comfortable. The wires are more flexible and users report not experiencing too much discomfort. The triangular shape of the brackets makes this experience more discreet. They do not take up a large amount of visual space, which makes them not stand out in appearance.

Finally, patients can remove Fastbraces® more quickly than other appliances. The straightening process is shorter and does not create inconvenience to patients’ schedules. If you are preparing for an event or public outing, you may be able to fit in this procedure and receive the results in time.

For more information about Fastbraces® and to schedule an appointment, contact Pacific Dental Care today. We serve the Glendale, Pasadena, and Burbank areas.

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