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Dental checkups are recommended twice a year. At your routine checkup, Dr. Martirosyan, our Glendale dental exam dentist, will do an evaluation, take X-rays and clean your teeth. We will check your gums to ensure they are healthy, look for signs of decay and check for other common dental problems. Periodically, we may recommend a more comprehensive dental exam during which we will perform more extensive X-rays and examine other parts of the oral cavity. This may be done at your first visit or at later visits.

First, we review your medical and dental history. Let us know if you have had any changes in your medications, supplements, vitamins or health issues. Studies have shown that dental health and general health are closely linked, so any changes in your body could lead to changes in your smile. Bring a list of your medications and dosages. This helps our expert in dental exam in Glendale know whether side effects could cause dry mouth or other dental problems, and it also helps us avoid prescribing medications that could potentially have negative interactions.

Glendale Dental Exam

Dr. Martirosyan, our Glendale dental exam dentist, may ask other questions before beginning your exam. Let us know if there is anything new or concerning in your mouth. If your teeth are suddenly sensitive, if you feel a sharp edge or you think you have a cavity, we can often identify the source of the problem and treat it. You should also let us know if you feel nervous or anxious about your appointment. Many people do, but today’s dentistry allows us to offer diverse options to make your next visit more comfortable.

During your checkup, our expert in dental exam in Glendale will examine each part of your mouth for signs of inflammation, swelling, bleeding, decay or abnormal sores or lumps. We will check your jaw joint and your bite, and finally, your teeth will be cleaned. Unlike your brushing and flossing at home, we use special tools to remove hard, mineralized substances from your teeth before polishing superficial stains and plaque. We may also recommend new products or techniques to try at home for better results.

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