It is practical to evaluate the financial considerations of a dental treatment before undergoing it. Particularly if it is a cosmetic treatment such as teeth whitening.

In terms of professional teeth whitening, Zoom 2 Whitening is a system that has proven its effectiveness. In addition, it has more reasonable average costs compared to other cosmetic treatments. Under professional treatment and supervision, patients can gain a new, re-designed smile in just one hour.

How Effective is Zoom 2 Whitening?

While Zoom provides results in less than an hour, practices such as smoking, drinking wine, coffee, cola, or tea can affect the results, often creating a brown, yellow tine on the teeth. Dr. Marine and her team can help you determine your teeth whitening costs and whether you are a candidate for Zoom.

With a successful Zoom procedure, patients can experience an improvement of up to ten shades. You can enjoy the benefits of Zoom whitening in a relaxed, professional setting. Contact Pacific Dental Care in the Pasadena, Glendale, and Burbank areas for additional information or to schedule an appointment.