Can Home Teeth Whitening Kits Be Effective?

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Home teeth whitening kits are available in two types: from professional dental offices, and over-the-counter kits. With the different types of kits available, many patients have a common question: can they be effective? As with most treatments, the results can vary depending on the patient and other factors.

Trays and strips can be effective for home teeth whitening use. These provide a high-quality solution for teeth to improve and treat discoloration. The strips or trays can be worn for 30 minutes per day until the desired shade of teeth is achieved.

With professional teeth whitening kits, these are administered by your dentist. They can be applied through various methods, but your dentist can generally inform you on how to use your specific kit. Professional teeth whitening kits are known to provide a more dramatic and noticeable result as the solution used has a higher strength than over-the-counter kits.

Home teeth whitening kits are advantageous for patients looking to improve their smile at home. In addition, they can work and be used for any time of day or week. For additional information regarding over-the-counter or professional kits, contact Pacific Dental Care and schedule a consultation.

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