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Cost of Braces

The steps to achieving a confident, attractive smile is having a straight set of teeth. When the teeth come together as they should, not only do we feel less conscious in public, but have an easier time eating, speaking, and proceeding with our daily duties and responsibilities. One inhibition or area of hesitation for patients when it comes to braces is price – how much do braces generally cost?

For children’s braces, costs can depend on the type of braces. Some patients may require braces for a longer period of time than others. The costs of extra visits and follow-up appointments vary – but most orthodontic issues do not take more than 30 months to be fully resolved. The time span is different for Invisalign cases as well. Special conditions or difficulties may occur which may require a tooth extraction or oral surgery. If these are needed, then they add to the cost of the braces experience.

In regards to metal braces, patients have more choices in determining how their appliances will look. Children can select preferred bracket color. The wires of the braces are held by steel ties. Traditional metal braces have a cost between the $3,000 to $5,000, but only after a full consultation with your dentist you will be able to obtain the most accurate pricing for your case.

Alternatives to metal types of braces include the following:

Another question that may be on the minds of patients is whether insurance can cover braces. In most dental practices, this can be the case. Patients can have their coverage checked and consult with the dentist on financing orthodontic treatment. For additional information about this particular topic, consult with your insurance provider and your dentist.

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