Will Veneers Affect my Tooth Sensitivity?

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Will Veneers Affect my Tooth Sensitivity?

Veneers, thin slices of biocompatible dental porcelain placed on the front of flawed teeth, are a very popular solution for a wide range of smile problems. These include chipped or even cracked ones, those that are misshapen or either too small or too big compared with their neighboring teeth, gaps between them that need to be covered, or discoloration that does not respond to even professional whitening.

In Southern California, everyone’s smiles are being compared with the gleaming grins on celebrity faces everywhere, from the smallest screens to magazine covers. And some of them, such as George Clooney and Celine Dion, don’t pretend that nature gave them picture-perfect smiles for those close-ups (either because comparative photos before they upgraded exist or to make themselves more human and allow fans to feel a closer connection).

Every Veneer is Different

But not all veneers are created equal. Less experienced dentists than Dr. Marine, working with discount dental labs, often produce inferior versions that can be subject to a variety of problems, including not cleaning off excess cement, resulting in irritation of the gums, and wrong positioning that misaligns the bite.

A common mistake is to not shave off enough of the enamel so that the veneers stick out artificially, like buck teeth. On the other hand, many dentists shave off too much, damaging the teeth and making the attachment weak, but making them sensitive to hot or cold beverages or foods.

No-Prep Veneers Require Little Enamel Removal

Dr. Marine specializes in ultra-thin No-Prep Veneers, which require little or no shaving of the enamel, keeping integrity of each tooth to which they are applied. In fact, if your teeth have been sensitive to things like ice cream or hot tea, these veneers can actually provide more protection from that reaction.

 Initially, for one to four weeks after any veneers are placed, some people will experience a mild amount of discomfort, which will be reduced until you even forget that you are wearing veneers and get in the habit of flashing your full and friendly new smile.

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