Who is a Good Candidate for Veneers?

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Who is a Good Candidate for Veneers?

As we all know, people tend to make snap judgments about our appearance, including our clothing, cosmetics, natural attractiveness, and smile. It isn’t always fair, but is human. This can affect everything from getting a job to getting a first date. We always want to put our best face forward to our advantage.

Unless you always proudly flash a full smile and are never self-conscious about what others think of it, you are probably a good candidate for having porcelain veneers placed on the front of your teeth. Most people do need extra cosmetic help with what nature gave them, or the results of personal habits or accidents.

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Very few of us have a perfect smile because of complicated genetic factors that often lead to an overcrowded mouth, with teeth that overlap or are too close together, so that it’s even hard to fit floss between them. Or the opposite: there may be gaps between some teeth that may cause others to wonder why we don’t have the simple and affordable solution of veneers applied. And permanent teeth don’t always grow in at the exact size as others of the same type. Due to a misaligned bite or grinding our teeth at night, some teeth might have had their height reduced. Others may be naturally misshapen compared to their neighbors.

We can also be in accidents that cause teeth to crack or become chipped–or may indulge in bad habits that do this, such as pulling clothing on with our teeth or biting on pens.

Then there are our habits that cause teeth to be deeply stained, such as drinking too much coffee, tea, red wine, or strongly-colored beverages and foods without brushing immediately afterwards. Many medications and mouthwashes can discolor. If we don’t brush for a full two minutes after breakfast and dinner, our teeth can gradually turn darker. Over-the-counter whiteners usually are not adequate and a professional cleaning twice a year is often required to keep your smile beautiful.

Dr. Marine is a specialist in providing the most sophisticated type of veneer: No-Prep Porcelain. Each is a thin, but strong, piece of dental porcelain that requires no or very little removal of the enamel of the front of the tooth to be bonded on the front, compared with a traditional veneer. Set a no-obligations appointment today to have her assess your best cosmetic dental options.

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