What Braces Are Like

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What Braces Are Like

Sometimes your teeth are not straight or just misaligned. Getting braces is the best remedy for re-aligning or straightening teeth. The process of getting braces takes between 1-2 hours. The process itself is not painful but the individual might feel some pressure. The common recipients of braces are children. But adults can get them too. Braces give you aligned teeth that enhances the quality of your smile.

Why People Get Braces

There are many reasons why people get braces. They include:

  • To Correct Abnormal Bites: Braces help correct overbite. Abnormal bites may become noticeable between 6-12 ages. This is one of the reasons why the majority of recipients of braces are children. If you normally bite your lip while chewing, you need braces. 
  • To Straighten Teeth: Overcrowded and misaligned teeth are a risk to your oral hygiene. They may cause periodontal disease or gum disease. Getting braces properly aligns them and relieves the discomfort in the mouth muscles. 

What Getting Braces is Like

Getting braces is the easy part because there is no pain. After a few hours, you will begin to feel the extra pressure created by the braces. During the first few days, you may experience some pain as the braces begin to align your teeth. Soreness is also a common sensation during the initial period after getting braces.

Tightening of the Braces

After some time, the braces require tightening to make them effective. Brace tightening may occur once every month. You may experience discomfort similar to the first week after getting braces. By this time, your teeth and mouth are better adjusted to the braces and you may not notice the discomfort as much.

The Removal of Braces

Braces are usually removed after 2-3 years. Patients may feel a bit of pain during the removal process. After the removal, the orthodontist will give you a retainer. The retainer helps maintain the teeth’s new position. 

If you feel any pain during any of the above stages, you can do the following:

  • Rinse your mouth with warm saltwater
  • Avoid the intake of acidic drinks or food
  • Avoid hard foods
  • Take any drug prescribed by your orthodontist

Before and After Images

Orthodontics Before and After 8

The image above shows the before and after effects of braces. The patient’s teeth are now aligned.

The before image shows a patient with an abnormal bite. The second image shows how braces reshaped the teeth and corrected the abnormality.

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