Veneers Case Study December 2021

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Veneers Case Study December 2021

Perhaps one of the most talked-about procedures in the cosmetic dentistry industry is veneers. Veneers are a small shell made of porcelain that goes directly over the front surface of your tooth. Veneers can treat many things.

They can also bring a patient confidence and happiness after their treatment.

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The Patient History

In this particular case, we used veneers to give this patient a stunning smile. Throughout time, we have done hundreds of these procedures. This means that we can easily show you the many cosmetic procedures.

This then allows us to let you see what can be obtained with a perfected set of veneers. With this particular case, the patient had finished her orthodontic treatment only a few years prior to seeing us. Due to this, she had some noticeable spots on her teeth that were either white or brown. 

They also had several spaces between her teeth that they were uncomfortable with. They have always been quite insecure about them. Their teeth were also quite mismatched with some being short and others having jagged edges.

However, their teeth were not actually short. In fact, it only appeared that way because her gums covered over her teeth far further than needed. 

This was done to ensure that the teeth looked longer. Pain medicine was not needed for this procedure, also known as a gingivectomy, due to how minor it is.

The Final Results

After two weeks of waiting, the patient received their cosmetic dental veneers back from fabrication at the lab. The patient was extremely happy with their new smile and felt more comfortable than ever before. At first, the patient was slightly nervous about their new smile and undergoing treatment. 

However, now they are more comfortable in front of a camera. They are living happily with their new smile and join our many smiles in our before and after gallery. Are you ready to start your treatment today to achieve the smile of your dreams?

Get in touch with Pacific Dental Care to get started!

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