Top Reasons People Get Their Teeth Whitened

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Top Reasons People Get Their Teeth Whitened

Pacific Dental Care would like to take a moment to highlight the teeth whitening procedure. We offer Zoom 2 whitening procedures performed in the office in less than an hour, as well as take-home whitening kits you can perform in the comfort of your own space.

People spend millions of dollars annually on whitening kits and fancy toothpastes that promise to move mountains. Many of them don’t end up doing what they say they do. Some even do more harm than good. That’s why it’s important to enlist the services of a Glendale teeth whitening specialist at Pacific Dental Care.

Below are some popular reasons why patients get their teeth whitened.

To Jumpstart an Anti-Smoking Campaign

No matter what the frequency, anyone who smokes, from casual to avid smoker, talks about quitting. By investing in a teeth whitening procedure, you’re less likely to do things that will tarnish your smile. Any sensible and ethical dentist will have reservations about whitening your teeth if you have no intentions of quitting, as a matter of fact.

To Revamp Aging Teeth

People don’t think teeth whitening has anti-aging effects, but you’ll shave years off of your appearance with a glistening, slick, white smile.

To Experience a Drastic Change without Surgery

Usually, to experience such pronounced improvement in your smile requires surgery, orthodontics, or considerable cosmetic procedures to achieve the results that teeth whitening can achieve in one in-office treatment.

For Better Oral Hygiene

You just whitened your teeth. Guess what you’re not about to do? You’re not about to ruin it by being irresponsible or reckless. Use your powers for good. You’ve spent the money to get your teeth whitened; use it as a springboard to live a life of good oral health.

To Increase Sex Appeal

You might catch the eye of that certain someone when you get your teeth whitened. It’s a lot like getting an awesome new hairstyle. Working towards a new look? Accentuate it with a sexy white smile; you won’t be sorry.

Some Surprising Additional Benefits of Teeth Whitening in Glendale, CA

Recent studies have suggested a link between appearance/personal hygiene and salary. Having a better self-image in the workplace can lead to more confidence, which can put you in a good position to negotiate that raise you’ve been wanting. Self-confidence is powerful when coupled with self-determination — and you have both, since you’ve decided to invest in a teeth whitening procedure. Who knows, the procedure could end up paying for itself if you get that raise in the end.

Want to know more? Contact Pacific Dental Care today. We provide cost-effective cosmetic and general dental services that give you a winning smile safely and swiftly. Call (818) 396-7777 to schedule your consultation and we’ll go over everything you need to know.

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