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Tooth Implant Cost Glendale

Tooth Implant Cost GlendaleIf you have lost a tooth, you may be curious about tooth implants. Implants are titanium rods, or screw-like devices, that take the place of tooth roots. They are implanted into the jawbone and can be restored with crowns, bridges, or dentures, depending on your preferences and the number of teeth lost. Dr. Martirosyan can help you learn more about implants and the tooth implant cost in Glendale.

The tooth implant cost in Glendale can be higher than the cost of traditional restorations. Implants are a more time-intensive procedure that must be placed during dental surgery. The number of implants you need can vary based on the number of teeth you have missing and the type of restorations you choose. Dr. Martirosyan will examine your teeth, gums, and bone structure to make personalized recommendations based on your dental health, functional needs, and personal goals. Some patients need additional procedures to improve outcomes. This is most common in those who have lost significant amounts of bone or gum tissue, or those who need extensive imaging and modeling.

Other factors that can affect your final tooth implant cost in Glendale include:

  • The initial procedures, including dental X-rays, impressions, and CT scans
  • The material, type, and brand of implant post and abutment
  • The type of restoration
  • Complexity of surgery
  • Bone grafts, gum grafts, and tissue regeneration procedures
  • How many teeth are being replaced
  • Which teeth are being replaced

Dr. Martirosyan may recommend dental implants for you if you have lost teeth in an accident, due to gum disease, or severe tooth decay. The process will begin with a complete oral evaluation in which Dr. Martirosyan will take a series of records to create a comprehensive treatment plan. Once the implants have been placed, they will be allowed to heal. This process is called osseointegration, and as the bone heals, it will grow into and around the implant, securing it into place to make a strong, stable base for the restoration. Finally, an abutment, or connector, will be added, and the implant can be capped with your choice of restoration.

Call us today to learn more about our tooth implant cost in Glendale or to schedule your appointment with Dr. Martirosyan.

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