These Signs Help You Know When It’s Time to Get Veneers

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These Signs Help You Know When It’s Time to Get Veneers

Every patient deserves to find comfort in their smile. In a time where more people are sharing pictures and selfies online than before, there are lots of inquiries about cosmetic dentistry. Many patients want to make that impression whether it is for acing that job interview or meeting a potential match on a date. There are many signs to recognize that indicate veneers can be valuable for you.

Along with teeth whitening and crowns. Porcelain veneers are among the more convenient choices and they cost less than traditional dental restorations. They can solve problems that other procedures cannot, in addition, veneers are lasting and require visits for maintenance.

You are Ready to Make a Change

Whether you are planning to ace that job interview or getting ready to meet a potential match on a date, sometimes you may feel the need to make a change that gives you a good impression. Veneers provide one of the most convenient options to improve your smile and be ready for any social or family gathering event. You may simply want the change of appearance as well to feel better and have greater self-confidence.

Your Appearance is Important for Your Career

Veneers can work effectively to provide the added shine to your smile and conceal undesired cosmetic features. In addition, no-prep veneers provide another solution for patients who want to get the smile makeover with needing traditional braces.

Your Oral Health is in Good Shape

Similar to many cosmetic dentistry procedures, the effectiveness of veneers is influenced by the condition of your teeth. If the dentist finds that your teeth have a high-risk of developing cavities or other gum diseases, then veneers may not be recommended. To determine your candidacy for treatment, contact our office today and schedule a consultation.

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