Snoring Treatment for Improved Sleep

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Snoring Treatment for Improved Sleep

Snoring is an early sign of sleep apnea, which occurs due to obstructions in the airways leading to the brain. To restore their breathing, people who snore have to wake up. For those who snore regularly or feel exhausted when they wake up in the morning, snoring treatment can be of immense help.

While sleep apnea requires quick treatment, it’s also important to note that snoring is not always connected with sleep apnea. In case you suffer from frequent snoring, an expert dentist in Glendale will be able to diagnose the specific issue and suggest relevant solutions.

Snoring treatments

After understanding the cause of your snoring, a specialist in Los Angeles or Burbank would make a customized oral appliance. These will help keep your tongue and jaw properly positioned, enabling you to breathe without interruptions.

Mandibular advancement devices

These devices that resemble mouthguards are used for the treatment of sleep apnea. They keep the person’s lower jaw in a slightly forward and downward position. This keeps their airways open.

Tongue-retaining device

In some patients, sleep apnea is the result of the individual’s tongue rolling back during sleep. This ends up blocking the airways. A tongue-retaining device can maintain the wearer’s tongue in its normal position, which will aid in airflow.

Benefits of snoring treatments

These oral devices are helpful for patients who travel a lot. Combined with the use of CPAP or continuous positive airflow machines, these devices can significantly improve the condition. Along with being highly effective, these are also the most affordable treatment options for individuals who frequently snore.

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