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Snoring Treatment Glendale

Find tips to get rid of snoring and what causes it! Do you have trouble sleeping because of snoring?

Main causes of snoring

During sleep the main muscles of the mouth and throat relax and make the airway smaller. The decrease in space makes the air travel at a faster rate and as the air moves it makes the soft tissues of the mouth like the soft palate and the uvula vibrate. These vibrations are what is called “noisy breathing” or what is more commonly referred to as snoring. Other health factors can increase snoring. Excess bodyweight can aggravate a snoring problem. The consumption of alcohol and other sedatives increase snoring. Also, if you sleep on your back, smoke, or eat heavy meals before going to bed your chances of snoring increase.

Ways to control snoring

There are surgical procedures that can be done by your dentist in Burbank to reduce snoring. For example the removal of impairing structures such as the uvula, enlarged adenoids or tonsils. These types of surgeries don’t always achieve the desired results. They only achieve about 20 to 40 % success rate. Some severe problems of airway blockage can occur and if this lasts more than 10 seconds it is called sleep apnea. This is a very serious condition that can affect your health and your dentist might refer you to a sleep specialist.

The most effective, safest, less invasive and most comfortable way to control snoring is for your dentist in Burbank, CA to prescribe the SILENT NITE. This is an oral snoring preventive device that is custom made to fit your mouth while you sleep. The SILENT NITE prevents snoring by keeping the airway opened and making breathing easier. The SILENT NITE places the lower jaw in a forward position with special connectors that are attached to the transparent and flexible upper and lower forms. By increasing the space in the airway tube and reducing the air’s velocity and soft tissue vibrations snoring is reduced. The SILENT NITE is very comfortable and easy to wear because it is custom fitted to the dentist’s model of the mouth. Even if your nasal passages are blocked it is very easy to breathe through the mouth and prevent snoring at the same time. The success rate in preventing snoring is between 80 to 100 percent. Out of all
the treatments available today this is one of the most effective and easier to use to prevent snoring.

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