The Relationship Between Sleep Apnea and Diabetes

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The Relationship Between Sleep Apnea and Diabetes

Do you suffer from type two diabetes? It’s important to know that diabetes gives you an approximately 50-50 chance of developing sleep apnea. Diabetes and sleep apnea share similar risk factors such as breathing problems and obesity. If a person isn’t getting enough sleep, their blood glucose levels become more difficult to regulate. This will exacerbate other health problems.

People often don’t know how dangerous sleep apnea can be and not treating it could lead to painful headaches, cardiovascular disease, fatigue and fevers. It’s extremely important to control your glucose levels when you have diabetes. If you lack sleep, this could cause fatigue, dizziness and you could even lose glucose. A common way to identify sleep apnea is if people in your household notice you snoring loudly or you start and stop breathing in your sleep. If you are overweight and have diabetes, the tissue from your neck and throat can block your airways once you lay down, causing breathing difficulties. Finding and treating the issue early on can prevent further complications down the line.

A dentist can help treat sleep apnea in a variety of ways. Pacific Dental Care offers devices that are designed to open your airways so you can sleep without stops and starts in your breathing. This will help restore normal sleep patterns, and you will wake up feeling more rested. Since you will be able to sleep better, this will help you stay at healthy glucose levels. We are experienced, professional, and make sure to provide the highest quality dental services that fit your needs.

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