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Periodontist in Glendale

Gum disease is an extremely common problem, affecting about half of all Americans over the age of 35. Unfortunately, the symptoms can be easy to miss, and the disease can progress significantly before it is identified. This can lead to tooth and bone loss. Healthy gums are the foundation for a healthy smile, so it is important to seek treatment as soon as you can. Our Glendale periodontist can help you get and keep your gums healthy.

Being aware of gum disease and recognizing its symptoms can be your best chance of catching it early. If you have any symptoms of gum disease, contact our periodontist in Glendale right away for a complete periodontal evaluation. Common symptoms include:

  • Red or inflamed gums
  • Puffy, swollen or shiny gums
  • Gums that are pulling away from the teeth
  • Gums that bleed easily, especially when brushed or flossed
  • Pain
  • Loose teeth or a bite that feels different
  • Pockets along the gumline, which may contain pus
  • A bad taste in the mouth or chronic bad breath</li?

Glendale Periodontist

Proper treatment can make a big difference in your outcome. Our periodontist in Glendale offers a variety of periodontal treatments that can restore your gum health and prevent further damage. The multi-specialist team offers comprehensive dental care to coordinate your periodontal care with your other dental needs. Periodontal treatments may include deep cleaning procedures, antimicrobial therapy, regenerative procedures, pocket reduction surgery, dental implant placement and periodontal maintenance.

With proper treatment, you can once again enjoy good gum health. If periodontal disease is caught during its earliest stage, commonly known as gingivitis, you may even be able to reverse the damage. If the condition is not identified or treated until it has reached more advanced stages, then our Glendale periodontist may need to take a more aggressive approach to stopping the progression of the disease and restoring damaged tissues. One of the options are to enhance the smile with a simple laser gum reshaping surgery.

Good dental hygiene is the most important way to protect your smile. Brush and floss thoroughly every day, visit us biannually for a complete checkup and dental cleaning and watch your smile for signs of periodontal disease. Call us today to schedule an appointment with our periodontist or our Glendale dentist.

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